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Brian Timber


Hair Color: Brown Hair
Body Type: Average Body

Date of Birth: 9/23/1981
Birth Location: Spokane, Washington
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 180lb
Height: 6’1″


Convinced that he had the required equipment and stamina to make the grade, Timber made his way south from the pacific northwest – known for its hardy breed of lumberjacks and loggers – and entered the adult industry in 2006. As his name suggests, Brian Timber is gaining a reputation as a serious woodsman. Starring opposite Tia Ling in “Busty Asian” – Mommy’s Got Boobs. Brian demonstrates his skills plowing her wet furrow with a vengeance and cuming all over her beautiful breasts, but not before she gets her chance to practice some championship log swallowing skills of her own. If he’s not burying his wood in some delicious hole, Brian – still a north westerner at heart – likes to spend his free time hiking in the wilds.